WATCH: 2-year-old girl channels Elsa after rare Texas snowfall


TEXAS (WTHR) — The cold never bothered her anyway!

TODAY Parents reports a severe snowstorm hit a West Texas town Feb. 5, resulting in 10 inches of snow.

This gave 2-year-old Madelyn the perfect opportunity to recreate Elsa's iconic scene in "Frozen."

Kristi Michele, Madelyn's mother, shared a 63-second clip on Facebook of her daughter trekking through the snow to the tune of "Let It Go."

Madelyn even removes her gloves and her cape for full effect.

For reference, here is the scene that inspired Madelyn's viral clip. Fast-forward to 0:43 to be amazed at how well this 2-year-old knows Elsa's every move.

Michele told TODAY Parents her daughter was watching the snow all morning and pleading to "do her song."

"She refused to put on her jacket because she said it would mess up her dress," Michele told TODAY Parents, who joked she was worried about getting hate online. She did, however, make sure she was wearing snowboots and several layers of tights.

As of Tuesday, Michele's post has more than 48 million views and has been shared more than one million times.