Warming temps could lead to roof damage as snow and ice melt


Some may be cheering as the ice begins to thaw this weekend but for others, the melting could cause unforeseen problems to their homes.

One of the most common issues involves roofs and the creation of ice dams over time. Ice dams form at the edge of roofs and prevent melting snow from draining off, which can lead to leaks in the walls and ceiling.

10TV spoke with Grant Smith, a project manager for Windsor Construction, who said two of the easiest solutions to ice dams are improving insulation and ventilation in the home.

“[Insulation] keeps heat from escaping, rising into the attic, which then melts off the majority of the roof except where you have overhangs that aren’t heated, so that’s where you see the ice dam problem,” Smith said. “So, having the right amount of insulation will greatly affect your home.”

Proper ventilation ensures air is moving through the attic to prevent moisture from being trapped, according to Smith.

Another way to prevent ice dams is to install “ice guard” at least 24 inches inside the home’s warm wall.

If ice dams do form, Smith told 10TV that the best thing to do is call the experts.

“One of the main reasons is safety,” he said. “Obviously, we don’t want people falling off ladders and off their roof trying to knock ice off.”