Warmer temps this weekend, next week – but winter isn’t done with us yet


The weekend is almost here but it’s the shortest weekend of the year time-wise. We roll our clocks forward on Sunday at 2:00 a.m. and lose an hour as we start Daylight Saving time.

Of course, losing an hour of sleep isn’t good news, but we do have a pleasant surprise in the weather if you look at the 10-day forecast.

Could it be the end of winter? You may think so with temperatures in the 50’s near 60 degrees later next week.

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Spring does not start until March 20 but hey, maybe the groundhog was on to something? Not quite.

Actually, this warm-up will be brief with more unseasonably cool air likely as we turn into the second half of the month.

Winter looks to stick around for a little longer, so enjoy this brief warm-up while it lasts.

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