Wacky weather pattern in central Ohio; tracking Spring-like conditions


If you think the weather has been pretty wacky for the last week you'd be right.

On Monday of last week we had highs in the 40s with some rain. By Wednesday and Thursday highs were in the low to mid-teens with nighttime lows well below 0. Then, Sunday and Monday where the temperatures flip-flopped as we got into the upper 50s to right around 60 both days.

Not only that but more mild weather along with soaking rain is in the forecast later on in the week. In fact, some areas in Southern Ohio could even see a few thunderstorms before all is said and done. That means we saw fall-like weather turn to extreme winter weather that will be followed up with a springlike pattern. That's three seasons in around 10 days!

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Cooler weather will arrive later in the week and as we look ahead to a week to two weeks out there aren't any overwhelming climatological factors pointing to cooler or warmer-than-average weather.

Long-term weather models are hinting at another cool down in the final week of February, though.

And just in case you're counting, spring is only 43 days away.