Planning to vote? Today is last day to register

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COLUMBUS - The Franklin County Board of Elections says it will keep its doors open until 9 p.m. Tuesday to provide a last minute opportunity for people to register to vote on November 8.

BOE Director, Ed Leonard, says 61,000 people have registered to vote in Franklin County since the primary. Leonard says if you believe you’re a registered voter, you may consider double checking your voting status.

Earlier this month, a federal court ruled that Ohio's purging of 1.2 million voters violated federal law. The voters who were purged hadn’t cast a ballot in six years.

Leonard says the BOE is taking steps to ensure those voters aren't left out on election day.

"They'll be able to vote at least a provisional ballot if worse comes to worse. But they should be added back in as an active voter,” said Leonard.

10TV gained access to the Board of Election's mail room where workers are preparing 123,000 absentee ballots that will go out in the mail on Wednesday. Registered voters can also begin early voting on Wednesday at the Board of Elections at 1700 Morse Road in north Columbus.


How to register to vote in Ohio

Check if you're registered to vote

Registration requirements

  • Be a US citizen
  • Live at an Ohio address by Oct 9
  • Be 18 years old by Election Day, Nov 8
  • Not be in jail for a felony
  • Not currently be judged incompetent by a court
  • Not be permanently disqualified for violating an election law

By Mail

1. Download and print registration form or call 1-877-767-6446.

2. Fill out the form

3. Send the form to the Secretary of State, postmarked by October 11:

Secretary of State of Ohio

Elections Division

180 E. Broad Street – 15th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

In Person

1. Pick up the registration form at your county board of elections, any BMV office, any county treasurer's office or any public library.

2. Fill out the form

3. Send the form in by mail or return in person county board of elections, any BMV office, any county treasurer’s office, or any public library by October 11.

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