Vote On Ohio Green Energy Freeze On Hold For Now


State lawmakers have postponed a vote on a controversial plan to freeze Ohio's green energy mandates.

"There are a number of individuals that just had some unanswered questions and they hadn't had time to spend on the bill as much as they wanted," said state Representative Jay Hottinger.  "I wouldn't read anything into that other than it's been delayed.  My expectation is that it will probably be on the floor next week."

The decision follows a report yesterday by the Ohio Consumers' Counsel that showed utility bills are expected to rise on AEP customers $108 per year if SB 310 is approved.

Faith leaders today called on Gov John Kasich to veto the bill if, and when, it reaches his desk.

"We know governor Kasich is a very committed evangelical Christian and this is his chance to step into the faith that he has and say no to a bill that's not good for faith or the state," said Rev Tim Ahrens of the First Congregational Church in Columbus.  “I like to ask what is the moral litmus test in a democracy of who does it help and who does it hurt.  In the case of this bill it hurts congregants and congregations and it helps CEOs and the rich.”

The Evangelical Environmental Network says they delivered more than 14,000 petitions to Kasich calling on him to veto the bill.

State senator Bill Seitz, a leading proponent of the effort to do away with green energy mandates, says Kasich is likely to sign it.

"I'm confident governor Kasich will sign the bill, he has said as much" said Seitz.  "The bill is widely misunderstood and has been gravely misrepresented including by these so called faith leaders who really do not understand this complex subject."