Violations against Fort Rapids Water Park were reported by multiple agencies


Fort Rapids remains closed as we learn more about a string of violations with over the past two years with several different agencies.                                             

The news has shocked employees.

“We did a lifeguard class and we just got employed last week,” Romano Wishart said.

Wishart had worked one weekend as a lifeguard at Fort Rapids when his manager called and said that was it.

He hadn't heard of any problems but he did leave the water park feeling irritation from something in the water or air.

“Just like cough and your eyes hurt a little bit,” Wishart said. “I wasn’t sure if it was the water or how many people there were because it was kind of packed, I wasn’t sure.”

That's an issue the park has been cited for, along with a slew of other issues. Columbus Public Health notified Fort Rapids of an investigation into a chloramine outbreak this summer after several people complained of symptoms.

The Department of Agriculture says it has been on site several times in the last year for complaints about water and air quality and the rides. They've issued several violations.

Columbus Public Health has also cited the restaurant for numerous issues time and again over the past two years.

There is a hearing scheduled for next week about revoking the license.

Reports from the State Fire Marshal and Columbus Fire show numerous violations time and again: bed bugs, sprinkler systems deemed not okay, damaged electrical wiring, building structure not maintained, staff and construction crews sleeping in meeting rooms and exit ways blocked.

A new company bought Fort Rapids last week and voluntarily shut it down to fix the issues.

“I’m upset I got to find a new job but that’s about it,” Wishart said.

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