Vigil for slain couple draws large crowd in west Columbus


More than a hundred people braved a chilly Wednesday night in the front of West High School to pay their respects to a murdered couple.

Ryan Fuller and Mikayla Sotherland were found inside a van on Sunday. A van that belonged to a neighbor of Fuller's mother.

John Jordan confessed to the killing. Police believe he and Fuller got into an argument when Jordan killed him and Sotherland.

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Those who knew Fuller says he would do anything for anyone.

"When I would have to sleep in my vehicle he would drive and sleep in my vehicle just to keep me company he was just so caring," Patience Dowden said.

Rows of prayer candles stretched across the front step of West High School in memory of the slain couple.

"He was loved and a lot of people cared about him," Jacob Brofford, who attended West High School with Fuller, said.

John Jordan Senior has a history of violence: two misdemeanor assault charges in the 90s and a felonious assault charge in 2002 for hitting his son's girlfriend in the head with a hammer. He spent seven years in prison.

"I believe he deserves the worst of the worst what he did to my friend," said Brofford.