Vigil held for 13-year-old boy shot & killed by officer


The crowd gathered at a candlelight vigil for Tyre King huddled a little closer and tears flowed more freely when the sister of the 13-year-old spoke about her brother’s death in a police-involved shooting Wednesday night.

"All these people keep talking about my brother like they know him [but] they don’t know Ty," she said.

Michael Bell was the coach of the youth football team King had just joined a year ago.

"I thank God that I had an opportunity to meet Tyre and spend time with him," Bell said.

King's fellow ball players also joined the vigil not far from where a broken fence now serves as one of the few reminders of the shooting that killed King less than 24-hours ago.

Police identify officer involved in 13-year-old suspect's shooting death

They are details Bell tries not to think about.

"I wish that situation never happened. I wish he wouldn’t have been in that situation but I wish there would’ve been a different result," Bell said.

Details that haven’t quite sunk in for King’s sister.

"I thought he was going to knock on the door last night and he’s never coming back," she said.

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