Video, statements could be used against woman accused in Reagan Tokes Memorial Fund theft


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A flurry of court documents were filed this week in the case against Marsha Ellen Frazier, the woman accused of stealing $700 from the Reagan Tokes Memorial Fund.

The fund was set up by the parents of Reagan Tokes, the Ohio State student who was murdered in February. Lisa and Toby Tokes created the scholarship fund in Reagan's honor.

The court documents - filed by the prosecution – detail how the state plans to use video and statements that Frazier made against her. It also notified the defense of evidence that could be favorable to the defendant.

Subpoenas have also been issued to several parties – including Checksmart, police officers and the Reagan Tokes Memorial Fund – which is solely controlled by Lisa and Toby Tokes.

The scholarship fund was set up by the Tokes to benefit other students.

Frazier has pleaded not guilty to charges of forgery and possession of criminal tools.

She is alleged to have entered a Checksmart location in Short North in late July and cashed a bogus check worth $700. Frazier admitted her involvement and apologized to the Tokes family during an interview earlier this fall with 10 Investigates.

Frazier and her attorney both state that she was duped into the scheme by another – yet unnamed - person.

Her attorney, Regina Griffith, alleges an acquaintance of Ms. Frazier’s – who she had performed yard work for – asked her to cash a check with the agreement that she would received $200 for her efforts and he would keep the remainder. Griffith said her client and the unnamed person went to two Checksmart locations in an attempt to cash the bogus check.

The check re-routed money from the Reagan Tokes Memorial Fund into another account, which is how Frazier obtained the money, according to court documents.

Frazier will be back in court January 22nd at 9 a.m., per online court records.

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