Video shows Columbus police officer being bitten by coyote

Released footage from ODOT shows the police officer being bit by the coyote. (ODOT_Statewide/Twitter)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Officials have released new footage showing what happened during a Thursday night incident where a coyote bit an officer who was helping a driver in the east side of the city.

Police say just before 7:30 p.m., Officer James Tripp, a 32-year-veteran with the force, was assisting with traffic control in the area of South Hamilton Road and I-70 when he was bitten in the right knee by a coyote.

Dash cam footage released from the Ohio Department of Transportation shows the confrontation between Tripp and the animal.

Tripp was able to mace the coyote and strike it while other officers responded.

Released body cam footage from Columbus police shows additional officers responding after the bite. Cruisers surrounded the animal before an officer used a taser on it. The animal can be heard yelping as a result.

Warning: The video below shows the taser being used on the coyote. Viewer discretion is advised.

Police say the coyote then charged at other officers after being struck by the taser and ran into a wooded area.

After continuing to display aggressive behavior, police say an officer fatally shot the coyote to prevent it from attacking anyone else.

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Animal Control recovered the deceased animal for testing to determine if it had rabies or any other disease that would have caused it to display unusual behavior.

Tripp sustained multiple bite wounds to his knee and was taken to an area hospital fro treatment.