Video appears to show Columbus police officer kicking man in the head


The Columbus police department has identified the officer who appears to be kicking a suspect while on the ground and 10TV has learned the officer is one of the men involved in last summer’s shooting death of Henry Green.

Officer Zachary Rosen is under investigation for his actions over the weekend involving a handcuffed suspect. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Just last month, a grand jury cleared Officer Rosen of charges in the shooting death of 23-year-old Henry Green.

Police have released the following statement: "Officer Zachary Rosen is under investigation for his actions that took place involving a suspect under arrest on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Officer Rosen has been reassigned to a non-patrol duty indefinitely."

The incident began Saturday on the report of a discharged firearm in the area of Maize Road and Weldon Avenue.

The video shows an officer restraining a man when another officer runs into frame and kicks him in the head.

John Marteney says he hasn’t had much sleep since Saturday.

"He woke me up out of a dead sleep. It just totally scared the hell out of me,” Marteney said.

He’s still shaken up after a man threatened to shoot his house and everyone in it.

"I was down in the basement trying to call 911 I heard the gunshot,” Marteney said.

Columbus police responded to the incident early Saturday morning. Investigators say the suspect, DeMarco Anderson, took off from Marteney’s home after firing a shot near the back of the house.

Officers found Anderson a street over and arrested him. A bystander caught the whole thing on camera.

The video shows an officer restraining Anderson when Officer Rosen runs into frame and kicks him in the head.

Columbus police say the action taken by the officer does not meet the standards by the division.

Anderson is in custody on charges of aggravated menacing, improperly discharging a firearm, possession of drugs, resisting arrest and more.

"I think that was totally justified cause he could have got loose somehow,” Marteney said.

Officer Rosen has been reassigned to a non-patrol duty indefinitely.

Police issued this statement early on Monday:

Based on what we've [seen] in the video taken on Saturday April 8, 2017, the action taken by one of our officers does not meet the standards by the Columbus Division of Police. It appears to be inconsistent with the values and training we instill in our officers. The officer self-reported a kick to the suspect while the suspect was in custody. We’ll learn more as the investigation continues and take appropriate actions based on the facts gathered. The officer has been temporarily reassigned.

Columbus City Council issued a statement Tuesday:

We are deeply disturbed and troubled by the video of the police incident that occurred over the weekend in Linden. These actions are contrary to how we expect Columbus Division of Police officers to conduct themselves with the community especially during intense situations. We agree with the statement by Mayor Andrew J. Ginther. This behavior is questionable and inconsistent with the values of the City of Columbus. It erodes trust and confidence in our peace officers.

Police Chief Jacobs is conducting a full investigation of the incident with appropriate review provided by the Department of Public Safety.

Adrienna Hood, the mother of Henry Green, released the following statement about the incident involving Officer Rosen:

It is unfortunate that it takes video evidence to uncover the actions of Officer Rosen but whatever it takes to expose how he has operated in our communities. We now see the unreasonable aggression that my son saw in his last moments. Do the witnesses who stated that Rosen stood over Henry and emptied his clip now become more credible? Is this unbridled aggression a part of CPD training?

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