Victim's family 'disappointed' with early release of man who admitted to DUI on YouTube

In a YouTube video that went viral, Matthew Cordle said he was taking full responsibility for killing a man. (WBNS)

Matthew Cordle walked out of jail a free man. In a YouTube video that went viral, he said he was taking full responsibility for killing a man.

That man's family says by asking for and getting early release, he is not taking full responsibility.

“He said that he would not do this, he would do day for day, hour for hour. This is another thing where he says what sounds good, but turns around and does another,” said Angela Canzani Riggs.

Riggs describes her father's killer's early release as a punch to the gut.

“I'm just very disappointed with yesterday,” she said.

Back in 2013, Matthew Cordle admitted he spent a night out drinking with friends, then hit and killed Vincent Canzani.

Canzani had been in the Navy, and had just moved to reconnect with family.

“He had just moved to Columbus, right before the accident to be closer to my sister and I,” Riggs said.

Riggs has watched the video confession and said it angers her.

“It was very insensitive,” she said.

Riggs says like the video, the early release was like a slap to her family's face. She hopes Cordle keeps his promise to help others.

“I waited for that. I looked for sincerity from him, but I never saw that,” Riggs said.

Riggs keeps her dad's picture in her car on her dashboard where she can see it. She drives Lyft and picks up a lot of people who have been drinking. She says she shares her dad's story as a reminder never to drink and drive.

As for Cordle, he plans on living with family members and has a job lined up at a rehab facility.