Veteran with no legs running 31 marathons in 31 days


Seven years ago, Rob Jones was faced with a circumstance that could have ruined his life.

"My goal has always been to make a difference in the world," he said.

Jones was a combat engineer for the United States Marine Corps. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"My job on both those deployments were to either find buried ammunitions or find buried IEDs," he said.

In 2010, his service took a devastating turn.

"My luck ran out. The IED found me first," said Jones.

Jones lost both of his legs and spent more than a year in recovery and therapy. In the midst of learning how to walk with prosthetics, Jones says he made a decision.

"I just decided to skip the depression and feeling sorry for myself stuff and move on with my life," he said.

Before long, Jones was cycling, doing triathlons and running marathons.

"Maybe there's something psychologically wrong with me," he said jokingly.

"I use the loss of both legs as an opportunity to have an effect on my brother veterans."

This month, Jones has decided to do a "Month of Marathons": 31 marathons, 31 cities in 31 days.

"I'm trying to provide an example of a veteran that had a traumatic experience in Afghanistan and was able to come back and find a new to be a contributing member of society,"

Jones has already completed marathons in London, New York City, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia and Detroit.

Wednesday, Jones completed his seventh marathon in a week in Columbus. He was escorted by running buddies and police.

"When you are with somebody like that, their energy and motivation and drive kind of wears off onto the people around them," said Don Gochenour, who ran 21 miles with Jones on Wednesday. "All of us were chasing him all day. He's the fastest one in the bunch."

Jones hopes to raise a million dollars for wounded veterans charities.

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