'That is very upsetting': Neighbors recall south Columbus shooting that injured 2 teens


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Bikes lay on the ground where Columbus police say two teen boys were shot Tuesday night near Smith Road and Ellsworth Avenue.

“Me and my husband were watching television and we heard approximately five gunshots. We didn't move,” said Lisa Cabrera-Fleurival.

The shooting happened right in front of Cabrera-Fleurival's home. Police said they believe the shooting may have been a result of an argument between two groups earlier in the night.

“One of our roommates said 'hey, I hear somebody out there hollering,' so we looked out front and I saw a young man laying in my front yard and we called 911 and said 'hey, there's someone that's been shot and he's been laying in my yard,'” said Cabrera-Fleurival.

Cabrera-Fleurival's security cameras caught several people on bikes riding around just before the shooting took place. Columbus police say a 14-year-old boy was shot multiple times and a 16-year-old boy was shot once.

“I saw two bicycles. I saw the young man trying to stand up and sit up and he kept falling down,” Cabrera-Fleurival said.

A neighbor told 10TV she came outside after she heard the shots fired. She heard one of the teens call his mom and ask for help.

“That is very upsetting to me,” said Cabrera-Fleurival

Since mid-May, seven teenagers have been shot in the city of Columbus. Cabrera-Fleurival says it's frustrating to hear how young the kids are who are victims of such violence.

“That's really sad and unfortunate. Hopefully, we can get this straightened out and figured out so it stops,” she said.

The teens are in critical condition. So far, police do not have any suspects.