Vendors At Farmers Markets Speak Out About New State Food Regulations


New state regulations will affect how food vendors do business at local farmers markets.

Changes in the Ohio Food Safety Code requires ready-to-eat food to be kept temperature-regulated.

Leafy vegetables must be transported and sold in an open bag.

Ohio health officials said the new rules are focused on keeping the public safe by preventing a bacteria outbreak.

10TV spoke with some food vendors who said the new rules will hurt their business.

Therese Poston has been working farmer markets for more than a decade.

"The food you get at a farmers market is fresher, it's healthier," said Poston.

She said new regulations are unnecessary because there hasn't been a problem.

"Health is always a concern.  But if you're growing good vegetables, the earth is not poisoned.  It's good for you," said Poston.

Issac Barnes, who is known as the honey guy, used to sell eggs at the Farmers market until he was told there were new restrictions and a requirement to refrigerate.

"It kind of hurts a small business because to get all that infrastructure in place you need a lot of collateral.  If you're small and just starting out you don't have that collateral," said Barnes.