U.S. Postal Service Considering Billing Board Of Election For Absentee Ballot Postage Confusion


Franklin County taxpayers could be asked to pick up the tab for those who do not read directions on their absentee ballots.

According to Franklin County Board of Elections spokesman Ben Piscitelli, the board ordered envelops before the final ballot was ready.

The ballot turned out to be heavier than the board originally thought, and the postage required on them increased to 65 cents.

Instead of noting on the envelop how many stamps are required, it just reads “Place stamp here.”

Voter Donna King just learned that voting in Franklin County takes a close eye for instructions to do it right.

“I am glad I read (the instructions), because I might have just put one stamp on the envelope and put them in the mail,” King said. “For people who vote absentee, I think it’s important to be as clear as possible.”

USPS Postmaster Robert Cavinder said that the post office has decided to deliver the ballots despite the insufficient postage to make sure that every vote is counted.

“There is some almost insignificant number that have insufficient postage on them, but we’re going to go ahead and deliver them (to) make sure those votes get counted,” Cavinder. “We’ll deal with that after the election.’

Piscitelli said that taxpayers will be charged whether they pay the right postage or not.

‘”Taxpayers are going to pay either way,” Piscitelli said. “Tax dollars support the post office and the election board.”

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