Upper Arlington mom runs NYC Marathon in memory of son

UPDATE: UA mom runs NYC marathon
Local NYC marathon runner

Nobody expects a baby to die.

There was no warning. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome claimed Collin Warren 11 years ago. He was 4 months old.

Sara Warren, Collin's mom, was 26 years old and not prepared to have funeral and cemetery costs.

"Obviously it was a dark place for us, we've come a long way since then," Sara said recently from the family home in Upper Arlington.

To try to fill the hole in her heart, Sara decided to volunteer for First Candle, a charity that provides support for grieving families who have lost children to SIDS.

Volunteering was beneficial, but it just wasn't completely fulfilling as a way to honor Collin's purpose in his short life.

Finding her own way to grieve through a tragedy that could never leave her, Sara filled out an application to do fundraising for First Candle, with the payoff being an entry into the New York City Marathon.

"I could run the New York City Marathon for them, raise money and honor my son all at the same time. I knew that this is what I was meant to do," she said.

Expecting an emotional day, Sara wondered if she could cry and run for 26 miles. She says she'll think of Collin with every stride.

"I know that if my legs fail me, my heart and, I suppose, my guardian angel's gonna get me to that finish line."

Sara says, in a way, it has brought Collin back into their lives again.

Her goal for the race has nothing to do with her official finishing time.

"If I could help one other family, get them through a hard time or educate them about safe sleep for their child, that would make it worth it," she said.