Upcoming I-70 closures ahead of new Grant Avenue bridge unveiling


Crews are working on final touches for the new Grant Avenue bridge spanning over I-70 this week.

In order to move forward, portions of I-70 will have to close.

All lanes of I-70 east will be closed from 11 p.m. Tuesday until 5 a.m. Wednesday.

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Wednesday night, all lanes of I-70 west will be closed from 10 p.m. Wednesday until 5 a.m. Thursday. The ramp from I-71 south to I-70 west will also close Wednesday night.

Tuesday night coming from the West Side, I-70 eastbound traffic will be diverted to I-670 to I-71 southbound back to I-70 eastbound. The ramps from Broad St., Sullivant Ave., and Mound St. to I-70 eastbound will remain open, but traffic will be forced to exit to S.R. 315 northbound or I-71 southbound.

Wednesday night, coming from the East Side, I-70 westbound traffic will be diverted to I-71 northbound to I-670 westbound to SR 315 southbound to I-70 westbound. I-71 southbound will remain open for traffic going to Main Street or I-70 eastbound.

All lanes of Mound Street, Fulton Street and the Grant Avenue bridge will be open by the end of the year.

INTERSTATE 70 CLOSURES 12/18/18 - 12/19/18


11 PM: I-70 EB will close at I-670. The detour is I-670 EB to I-71 SB to I-70 EB.

The following ramps will close:

  • SR 315 SB to I-70 EB
    Detour: SR 315 SB to I-670 EB to I-71 SB to I-70 EB
  • I-71 NB to I-70 EB
    Detour: I-71 NB to I-670 EB to I-71 SB to I-70 EB
  • Third St. to I-70 EB
    Detour: Third St. to Livingston Ave. to I-70 EB


5 AM:

  • All lanes and ramps of I-70 EB open.

10 PM:

I-70 WB will close at I-71. The detour is I-70 WB to I-71 NB to I-670 WB to SR 315 SB to I-70 WB. The Mound St. exit will remain opened. The following ramp will close:

  • Broad St. to I-71 SB
    Detour: Broad St. to 3rd St. to I-70 WB/I-71 SB

11 PM:

The ramp from I-71 SB to I-70 WB will close. The detour is I-71 SB to I-670 WB to SR 315 SB to I-71 SB. I-71 SB will remain open to I-70 EB and Main St. bound traffic.

All lanes of I-70/I-71 are in their final configuration at the East Side Split, meaning drivers once again have two lanes to continue west on I-70.