Unruly kids continue to cause problems in Schiller Park neighborhood


A teenage boy was riding his bike through Schiller Park when he says a group of kids surrounded him and beat him up.

His parents say that the same group of kids is causing problems in other businesses in the area. They hope something is done before someone else s hurt worse.

Inside Community Grounds, owner Joel Cosme strives to be a place where everyone can meet and feel welcome.

“We offer things like gifts and candy during the holidays. I've even been the Easter bunny here and there, wearing the costume, pretending to be the Easter bunny with the little kids,” Cosme explains,

Which is why he was especially upset when he heard his teenage son was beaten up. He says those same kids he has taken in and supported, physically hurt his family.

“He said they kind of encircled him and started spewing insults about us and about our business. They just started fighting him,” Cosme said.

He says those same kids also have stolen from his store.

“We know business owners and they have all described the same issues,” Cosme said.

Columbus police would not go on-camera, but in a statement they said: "there has been a problem recently with youth causing crimes in those areas."

They added, Cosme has the suspect information, and it's up to him to file charges.

“I would love to have kids here enjoying themselves, being respectful of the space. My concern is that they are going to hurt others and at some point get themselves hurt,” he said.

Columbus police say they are working with the kids' parents and with business owners. They say they've also stepped up patrols in the area.