Unique Twitter Account Sheds Light On Unsolved Mystery


Bill Comeans was just 14 when he was murdered 34 years ago.

His killer has never been found.

But his family is now channeling their pain into positive action.

"I miss him everyday," said Kathleen Comeans. "When I was growing up, I followed him around everywhere, I was his little shadow," she added, laughing.

She was just nine years old on January 7, 1980, a day that forever changed their close-knit family.

"I can remember the night that we found out, the same feelings are there."

Her big brother Bill was found a block away from their West Columbus home, strangled with his own scarf.

"He's physically not here, but he's still with us," she said.  "His memories are still with us."

After 34 years, the family is still hoping to find his killer.

They've turned to social media to get the word out.

Kathleen even created a You Tube tribute to her brother, but this year, she thought she needed to do more.

"I was sitting there thinking, what else can be done? What haven't I tried?" she wondered.

Now, the family is taking that public plea one step farther, with a powerful twitter message.

It's posted in Bill's name and written in the first person, as if Bill is actually speaking from the grave.

It reads:  "34 years ago today, I was murdered. I was 14 years old and had my entire life to live. My family is still looking for my killer."

Kathleen is now proud to be her brother's voice.

"I don't want him to be forgotten," she added.  "Whoever murdered him is out there, so somebody knows something, and Bill's got a story to tell, and we'll use whatever means to tell it."

She says she owes it to her brother, who would have turned 49 years old on January 11th.

It's testament to the power of hope - and a sister's love.

"If I can get it out there, somebody can share it to somebody else, and maybe something will come about," Kathleen said.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department says it has no new leads in Bill Comeans' case.