UCLA, UC San Francisco set to study COVID-19's impact on pregnant women

File photo (Valeria Aksakova/shutterstock.com)

COLUMBUS, Ohio-- One of the many unanswered questions about the novel coronavirus is if and how it may impact pregnant women and their babies.

So, UCLA Health and the University of California, San Francisco have launched a new national registry to better understand COVID-19's impact on pregnant women and their babies.

"The issue is we don't have data in pregnancy. A lot of this data is extrapolated from other SARS infection, MERS and non-pregnant individuals," Assistant Professor at UCLA Health Dr. Yalda Afshar said. "We really want to help both physicians and women make evidence based informed decision based on good data."

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600 patients have already been enrolled in this registry. Researchers will collect data through pregnancy, then track the new mothers and babies for up to one year.

A recent study of 200 pregnant women admitted for delivery in New York found 33 tested positive for the coronavirus and most of them showed no symptoms.

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