Two Years Later: Police Still Investigating Death Of Grandview Heights Woman


The murder of 35-year-old Jennifer Cooke remains unsolved after nearly two years.

The mother was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Grandview Heights.

Grandview Heights Police said this is not a cold case and Cooke’s friends are still confident her killer will be brought to justice.

Heather Kerr said the moment she learned her friend was stabbed to death in her bedroom, she believed it was an act of rage.

“I don’t think it was somebody who broke into the house or stopped by. For someone to do that to her it was personal,” she said.

Police agree with Kerr. Investigators quickly named Cooke’s ex-husband, David Culbertson, a person of interest in the case.

It was Culbertson who found Cooke’s missing car and a year earlier, Cooke filed a police report claiming Culbertson was harassing her.

Police said Culbertson remains a person of interest because investigators said he continues to provide them with misleading information.

Culbertson has repeatedly denied any involvement in the murder of his ex-wife.

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Grandview Heights Police are not releasing any details about the investigation but said they’re working diligently to solve the murder of Cooke.

Kerr said she won’t stop until someone pay for her friend’s death.

“I’m certainly not going to forget and I’m not going to let it drop. Ever, until there’s justice,” she said.

Police said Culbertson has repeatedly decline to take a polygraph, even though investigators said it could clear his name.

Cooke’s mother, Charlyn Marie, said two years after her daughter’s murder it is still too painful to talk on camera about the crime, but she shared a letter with 10TV, which is posted below.

For the last two years I have been silent. I did not want to talk to the press. I wanted to grieve privately.

It has been two years since my beautiful, kind, sweet daughter; Jennifer Cooke was murdered in her bed in Grandview Heights, Ohio. She was an amazing mother, daughter, sister, friend to all of her family and friends who loved her so much.

I feel now that the time has come to speak. My daughter is dead. A young life taken away while the person of interest in the case continues to live his life as if nothing ever happened. He breathes, he laughs, and he partakes of all of life's pleasures. He thrives. My daughter will never have the chance to watch her daughter grow up, graduate, marry, have children of her own. My granddaughter no longer has a mother. We will not be growing old together, taking care of each other. He took that away from us.

The police in Grandview, Ohio worked this case diligently with regular updates from the start. Now that has stopped. No arrests have been made. There is no longer any progress or hope. I feel that this is such an intolerable, shameful injustice to my daughter Jennifer. There is so much circumstantial evidence. Yet again, no arrest has been made. I pray that it will not take another young woman's life to bring this man to justice. I am not a vindictive person. I do not take this lightly.

I just want justice for my daughter and the community of Grandview Heights, Ohio.”

-Charlyn Marie