Twist In Economy Leads Women Into Pretzel Business


For two women, the tough economy has created a new twist in their careers.

They have moved out of the kitchen and into space at the North Market to open Brezel, a pretzel shop, 10TV's Angela An reported on Friday.

Brittany Baum and Maria Gentile met when they worked in state government jobs.

"I was going to pursue a career in communications and graphic design and you know, maybe own my own firm one day," Gentile said.


They bonded over a love of food and baking. Baum told Gentile that she especially loved the hand-rolled pretzels she had discovered in Germany.

"That's one thing that I really missed were the pretzels," Baum said.  "In Germany, you can get them anywhere. You can get them at the gas station. Everywhere, there's a nice pretzel."

They teamed up and experimented with recipes, from sweet to savory, then baked them at home.

They sold the pretzels at farmers' markets and online before moving to a shop at the North Market.

"The best part of the job is you get to play with food all day long," Gentile said. "And for someone who loves food and loves cooking, I think that's sort of a dream." 

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