Tumbles, The Two-Legged Pup, Gets A New Set Of Wheels Thanks To Ohio University


Tumbles is a 6-week old Terrier who acts like any dog.

Only Tumbles was born without his front legs.

"As far as he knows he's just a normal puppy," Tumbles adoptive mother Karen Pilcher said. “I’ve been doing a dog rescue for 32 years I've never had a dog without two legs before.”

She says if she didn't rescue him, she felt no one would.

“Many places, many people would have put this dog down," she said.

But thanks to what's happening with a 3D printer located at Ohio University, Tumbles won't be scooching on the floor much longer.

Joe Jollick runs the 3D printing lab at Ohio University.

“This is the first functional prosthetic we've done using this printer," Jollick said.

The "sled” as he calls it, came from the head of Brad Reed, an  IT specialist who heard about Tumbles troubles on Facebook.

“I ended up drawing this from scratch," he said.

It will take five hours for the high-tech scanner to lay-down the microscopic plastic beads that will form the wheels, and axle.

Another eight hours to build a "U" shaped harness.

"The trickiest part is getting the dog to use it," Jollick said.

The sled, will allow Tumbles to lie on the breast plate. His back legs will push the wheels in front.

Thanks to a $250,000 3D printer, Tumbles is being given what he was born without.