Trump flies into Wilmington leading In Ohio polls


Donald Trump wowed the crowd as he stepped off his private plane in front of an airport hangar where hundreds waited inside.

"In four days we are going to win the great state of Ohio and win the White House," he said.

Trump said his poll numbers are "rocketing" upwards and that only he can put an end to ISIS.

"She has zero chance of getting rid of ISIS. I have 100 percent chance," he said.

Trump's speech focused mostly on why Hillary Clinton should not be president.

"If she ever got into the oval office Hillary and her corrupt friends would rob this country blind. If I get into the oval office my contract with American voters begins with an end of government corruption," he said.

Trump told the crowd the Clinton email investigation is just the tip of the iceberg but did not provide any more details. He said she should not be able to run for President because of the investigation.

The newest investigation has yet to reveal anything criminal, nor has it provided any details about whether the newly discovered emails contain confidential information.

Supporters say they see Ohio, and the nation, voting for Trump.

"I believe he has the right message for the right time," said Paul Johnson.

"I think he's going to take it I really do. He's a tough cookie", said Bernadette Morrison.

With just days until the election, Ohio remains a state both presidential candidates covet.