Tressel: Earle Bruce's life was all about love affairs

Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel speaks at Earle Bruce's celebration of life at Saint John Arena Wednesday (WBNS)

COLUMBUS -- When former Ohio State coach Earle Bruce died, a celebration of his life was inevitable. He gave so much love to Ohio State University and its football program that it would have been impossible for OSU not to share the same love in return.

Another former coach, Jim Tressel, spoke about the love affair in a 10-minute speech Wednesday morning at Saint John Arena on the Ohio State Campus.

Tressel gave his thoughts on the love that Bruce had for Ohio State, his family and the players that came in and out of his programs – wherever they were.

Jim Tressel was an assistant under Bruce for three years, but joked that in his 10 years as head coach at OSU, Bruce was in the building, so he still served as his assistant.

Tressel spoke of watching film and ‘studying the video’ of Bruce’s life.

“As you think about studying the video. You really find out the lessons that you learned from that particular game. And as I think about studying the video of our beloved Coach Bruce, from the beginning to the end, I’ve come to the conclusion that as you study his video it really, ironically, is all about love affairs,” Tressel said.

“The minute he got here it was a love affair with Ohio State. With coach Bruce, love affairs never end. That’s just the way it is.”

Tressel said Bruce moved on to Mansfield and that’s when his love affair with wife Jean, and with Ohio high school football began.

“As you go back and watch the film, what he was teaching us is that his love affair with us was forever. He was always going to be there for us. Wherever he was, he created a special love affair. That’s what this celebration is about today, it’s about being involved in love affairs that never end.

“Now he’s up with Jean, Woody, Paul Brown, my dad and our Lord, who has given us a love affair that will never end – thanks so much for letting us study his video.”

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