Treasures & memories of Maria: Dom Tiberi


It was not easy, but we finally went through all of Maria's things.  We found a treasure of memories, including some of her writings, poems and just whatever.

One thing we found in a notebook was a list of items titled "Mom and Dad."  We assume it is 'what Mom says' and 'what Dad says.'  We also assume she wrote this when she was in grade school.

In any event it brought tears to our eyes but also gave us a good chuckle. 

1. Be polite at at others houses
2. Pull hair back... Don't burp in public, Don't fight with my sister
3. Clean up after myself and boys have cooties
4. Don't play in the mud and dress like a lady
5. don't wear heavy makeup 


1. It is ok to get messy outside
2. Always set the hook when a fish is on 
3. If my brother or sister hit me first I can hit them back
4. Don't date boys
5. Never take sides against the family

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Maria's favorite vacation spot was Hilton Head, Sc and Savannah, Ga.  Going through her things the other day we found a poem she wrote called "Gullah Gullah"

Gullah Gullah by Maria Tiberi

A land where bronze bodies roam
A place I would love to call my home
The locals so pleasant, unless they find,
That you are one of those Yankee kinds

Men relaying words with a southern draw,
I catch ones attention, "mind the straw."
I walked toward the beach at a fast paced jog,
to a place of refreshments, The Frosty Frog.

Eating plate of plate of Italian food,
Even when I am simply not in the mood.
We travel further south for a date with Paula Dean,
The inside of this establishment is rarely ever seen.

No sewers on these streets, the rain I can't bear.
I need to roam around at Coligny Square!
A place where I learned the dance called "Dougy"
By a man I was certain would try to mug me.

A new friend is made with each passing day.
All from different areas of the U.S.A.
We fish for crabs using chicken necks.
My sister tries to save them, she is a wreck.

Two weeks have passed me in the blink of an eye,
Good thing I haven't any close ties. 
This lifestyle I have known for a brief moment,
is over. I am left making new adjustments.