Travelers head home, brace for flight cancellations from snow storm


With Thanksgiving out of the way, many travelers were preparing to head home Sunday, a day often considered one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Terminals at John Glenn Columbus International Airport were pretty calm but full of heartfelt farewells.

“This is the first time all of us came to say goodbye to her instead of just a quick drop off so it’s a little harder,” Joe Gallo of Dublin said.

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Gallo watched as his daughter Grace walked through TSA on her way back to college in Nashville.

“I was surprised driving in the lots they are typically really full, but here in the terminal it’s not bad at all and it was very quick.”

Although this family had a seamless departure, some others like Marcos Galeano watched in disbelief after his flight to Chicago was canceled.

“It’s kind of a hassle. I have class in the morning,” Galeano said.

A winter storm brewing in the central plains and the great lakes has grounded more than 600 flights.

With the storm expected to head east hitting parts of Indiana and southern Michigan by Monday morning, some travelers are already working on a backup plan.

“My dad is probably going to have to pick me back up. It’s fine,” Galeano said. "I’ll have to book another flight tomorrow I guess.”

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