Travel deals: Saving money on last-minute trips


When looking to book a trip, it’s best to check early and often for the best deals especially when it comes to buying plane tickets.

But, there are last-minute deals you can take advantage of.


Cruises look to fill every cabin on a ship before it sails and these last-minute cruises can save you hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind you will need to get to the port quickly, and unless you have time to drive there, your cruise savings could be eaten up in last-minute airline tickets.


Tour companies offer last minute deals to fill their motorcoach trips.

These can be anything from domestic to international travel. Just keep in mind how you are going to get to the destination of the tours departure.

Trafalgar – which is a tour company that features European tours - actually has a great last minute deal. The Best of Italy tour is a 13-day tour that travels to 16 cities. If you are able to travel from April 5-17, you can save more than $350 per person on the trip. Instead of paying $3,075 per person, the trip now costs $2,706 per person.

How to Find Last Minute Deals:

If you are able to do last minute deals, it's reccomended you work with a travel agent that can keep watch on the market for current offers and last-minute deals. Then they can contact you if something fits your requests.

Some of these deals are known as "flash deals" and might only be available to book for a day (24-hour sale).

These types of offers come and go quickly, so it is best to have a budget set, travel documents in hand, and be ready to book when you see them. This is where having an agent help assist you can relieve some pressure as they can quickly filter through the offers and see what fits your travel needs.