Transportation officials say cold snap worsened potholes


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Transportation officials in Ohio say dramatic swings in temperatures have exacerbated a pothole problem on Ohio's roads.

The Columbus Dispatch reports late winter is usually a time for road repair, as more potholes appear on central Ohio's roadways during swings in outdoor temperatures. Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman Breanna Badanes says the extreme changes in the weather in recent days has resulted in more potholes to repair.

ODOT crews have used 2,574 tons of asphalt to repair potholes this winter as of Tuesday, compared with 2,180 tons this time last year. Badanes says the late start to winter this year is a reason why more asphalt has been used.

Columbus has a claims process for vehicles damaged by potholes, and the city says it investigates all reported potholes