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Down the Road in 2023: What to expect on major central Ohio projects continuing into next year

10TV is looking into what drivers can expect in the several months to come.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — From Downtown Ramp Up and the Far East Freeway’s plans for the next two years, to putting the finishing touches for Cincinnati commuters on I-71, 10TV is looking into what drivers can expect in the several months to come.

Downtown Ramp Up – Phase 4R/6R 

This phase of ODOT’s Downtown Ramp Up project started earlier in 2022.

During the start of this phase, the ramps from I-70 Eastbound to SR-315 Northbound and I-70 Eastbound to Front Street both closed.

In late October 2022, the Front Street bridge closed to be replaced as part of this project, too.

ODOT said the bridge is not scheduled to open until the Spring of 2025.

As of November 2022, traffic on I-70 in that area is shifted and crews are building bridge piers where the ramp to SR-315 Northbound used to be.

ODOT said those bridge piers will support the new flyover ramp from Mound Street to I-71 Southbound and the new I-70 Eastbound ramp into Downtown.

The Scioto River leads to restrictions to construction and limited room for workers to make improvements.

Drivers should expect a closure of the ramp from SR-315 Southbound to I-70 Eastbound in the Spring or Summer of 2023.

ODOT said drivers should also expect shorter term lane restrictions and closures in the area to happen during off-peak hours on a shorter term basis.

This project is on time to wrap up in 2025, according to ODOT officials.

Far East Freeway – I-70/270/Brice Rd. Phase 1 

ODOT’s Far East Freeway project for I-70 between the outerbelt and Brice Road started early in 2022, but it is far from over.

Thankfully, for drivers, construction on waterlines and sanitary lines to build up the embankment for the new ramp from I-270 Northbound to Brice Road is happening off the highway.

ODOT said their crews will begin installing temporary pavement and work on the bridge piers later in 2022, which means drivers will start to see lane restrictions and traffic impacts.

Even more work is planned for 2023.

For the most part, the current traffic pattern will remain in place for most of next year.

However, ODOT said there will be overnight lane closures as needed, but the same number of lanes will remain open during the day.

The only larger and more impactful closure ODOT anticipates is the ramp from I-270 northbound to I-70 westbound.

ODOT said they plan to shut down the ramp for three months in the Spring of 2023.

The entire project on time and is scheduled to end in 2025.

I-71 widening between U.S. 62 and the Franklin County Line

While a lot of ODOTs major projects still have years to go, the end is steadily approaching for the widening of I-71 for those headed in or out of Cincinnati.

As of November 2022, both directions of traffic are shifted to one side of the highway while crews rebuild and widen the other side.

ODOT said they expect to shift traffic back later in the year to have at least two lanes in each during the winter of 2022 and through the first couple months of 2023.

However, their crews plan to be back in the Spring of 2023 to pave the final layer of asphalt.

Drivers should expect shorter term lane restrictions and closures in the area while the last of that work is being done.

ODOT said their work and plans for more work are happening as scheduled, and they expect this project to finish up in June of 2023, leading to three lanes in both directions of I-71.

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