Tracking snow heading into Central Ohio; up to 3" possible overnight


As I type out this blog entry (Friday evening) much of Central Ohio is under a Winter Weather Advisory.

That's because winter weather, in the form of snow, is headed our way. Expect snow to pick up through Friday evening and it will be bitterly cold as well.

Right now, it looks like the steadiest snow will fall from about 8 p.m. until just after midnight. We'll see light snow ramping up and tapering off on either side of this time frame.

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Above you will find a computer forecast model that we use at 10TV to help us predict the weather. It's the accumulated snowfall forecast. It looks at a bunch of different scenarios that various models are predicting. Notice how the bulk of them are falling in the 1-2.5" range of accumulation.

As a result I'm pretty confident that most of us will get about 1-3" of snow in Central Ohio with the higher totals falling south of Columbus. A few of us may see a little more in isolated spots (south of Columbus).

You might be wondering why I'm going slightly higher than the model consensus. It's because the temperatures are so low outside.

That means we'll see the light, fluffy snow that's great for shoveling (or maybe even sweeping away with a broom) but bad for snowballs. This fluffy snow can pile up pretty quickly and that's why I'm leaning a little higher than the consensus of the models which are assuming we'll see snow that has a slightly higher moisture content.

Realistically, the difference is merely a rounding error but that's why there's a slight discrepancy if you're wondering.

Above you'll find another computer forecast model that's right in line with the 1-3" range by Saturday morning.

Again, because this snow will have such a low moisture content there could be a few spots that get slightly higher than 3". Right now I'm thinking that is more likely south of Columbus and likely south of Circleville. In those areas I wouldn't be surprised if we get an isolated spot with up to 4" but most will top out right around, if not slightly above 3".

Out behind this system things will change... many would argue for the worst.

Winds will pick up through Saturday afternoon leading to blowing and drifting snow along with reduced visibility. These strong winds will bring in another arctic blast that will lead to sub-0 wind chill values by Sunday morning and a bone chilling New Year's Eve.

On the bright side, at least it'll look pretty with the fresh blanket of snow.