Top crimes during Memorial Day weekend

Top Crimes During Memorial Day
Memorial Day weekend crime

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Many people might be heading out of town for the Memorial Day holiday. Your weekend trip could also be a good opportunity for criminals looking to target you.

According to Columbus Police reports online, there were 670 crimes reported in the city of Columbus last Memorial Day weekend from Friday through Tuesday. 86 of those were burglaries, with thieves targeting homes. The crimes happened while people were either away on vacation or grilling out in the backyard, leaving their front doors or garages wide open.

But the most reported crimes were assault and criminal damaging, at 108 and 174 reports respectively. Columbus police community liaison officer Chris Riley says the reason behind those two top crimes most likely has to do with more people coming together, and some of them may be under the influence.

"People are outside, people are leaving their stuff outside, people are having a good time," says Officer Riley. "I think people are just out interacting more and I think we have a little bit of a problem."

Other crimes topping the top 5 during the Memorial Day long holiday weekend were theft (77 reports) and car break-ins (54).