Top Central Ohio Dentists Revealed


Drs. James Metz and Herb Postle were voted No. 1 in the field of general dentistry in central Ohio, according to an exclusive unscientific survey conducted by 10TV, ThisWeek Community Newspapers and Columbus Parent Magazine.

In May, we asked all the dentists in a seven-county region who they would pick for care and there was a first-place tie in the general dentistry category, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported.

Metz made an odd confession when he was interviewed for our story.

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"Dentistry was not my first choice," Metz said.

Metz planned to be a chemical engineer but his mother had other ideas.  He enrolled in Ohio State's College of Dentistry and found not just a career but a calling.

"Dentistry fits me to a tee," Metz said.  "It's the greatest profession I could have ever found."

Three years in the U.S. Army polished both his dental and people skills, allowed him to treat all kinds of patients, some with little previous dental care.

"They come in and they don't want to be judged," Metz said. 

He polished teeth, made repairs and worked with a gentle touch.

Metz said that he lets people be comfortable and tries to not scare them, part of lessons he has used in his civilian practice for 35 years.

"I've always said I only treat friends," Metz said.  "I love the people that come in here."

Along with Metz, Postle said he was shocked and honored when he learned he was tied for first place.

In his Hilliard Postle Dental Group practice, he is now treating a fifth generation of patients.  His grandfather, Wendall, started the practice when he graduated with the class of 1923.  Wendall Postle went on to become dean of the Ohio State College of Dentistry and presented a diploma to his son when he became a dentist.  Then it was Herb's turn.

"Neither my granddad nor my dad put much pressure on me to become a dentist but it worked out great for me," Postle said.

According to Postle, treatment has greatly advanced since his grandfather's day. 

"I don't think people need to be afraid of the dentist any more," Postle said.  He said that what has not changed is caring about patients and colleagues.

"It makes me love what I do," Postle said.

The "Dentists Rate Dentists" database will grow throughout the week, as 10TV News reveals the best-regarded dentists in five categories:

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