Timmy Strong: Worthington Students Rally Around 5-Year-Old Battling Kidney Cancer


At Bluffsview Elementary School in Worthington, it was “Timmy Strong Tuesday.”  It is in honor of the kindergartener battling kidney cancer.

Here’s what Bluffsview 6th graders had to say about their pal Timmy Wayne:

"He is always a sweet little guy.  He chases me around at recess with his little friends.” – Brian Wilson

"Timmy is a wonderful kindergartener and he's always very happy even though he's going through all of this.”  - Nicole Miller

"Timmy's not a normal kid; he's extraordinary,” says Karissa Mitchell.  “He cares about other people.  He's funny.  He's kind and his family, they're really awesome."

Inside the classrooms, you'll find students wearing some of Timmy's favorites: hats, Minions, and the color orange -- for the kidney cancer they believe he will beat.

Timmy’s brother – 6th grader JJ Wayne - says his family noticed something was wrong last November.  An ultrasound revealed a large tumor in the five-year-old's kidney.  More was found in his pelvis and liver.

In response, Timmy has been through chemo, radiation and surgery.

"He's an extraordinary dude and he's got an extremely high pain tolerance, so it's kind of hard for us to know if he's in pain or not,” JJ explains.

When he can tell his little brother needs some cheering up, he has a trick:  “we like hide him in a corner and then we start tickling him and he can't get out unless, if he says ‘stop.”’

Timmy's mom Samantha says her little guy was ecstatic when he learned Tuesday was named after him.  He was too ill from tests on Monday, but there was no holding him back from school the next day.  She describes her son as “the strongest and happiest little guy I know.”

Through his battle, the Worthington community rallied around the Wayne family with special bracelets and letters, reading ‘You are by BFF’ and ‘I love you.’

They are gestures letting the brave 5-year-old know they care.

"I want to make sure Timmy can live a long and happy life and not have to go so soon,” Mitchell adds.  "I just want him to stay strong and keep fighting."

Timmy’s mom says no matter what her son has faced, “He’s done it with a smile.” 

She also adds that she is expecting results very soon from his latest scan.   Doctors have been able to cut out some, but not all of the tumor spots.

Meantime, JJ's 6th grade class has plans to plant a tree in his honor.