Tiberi Family Marks One-Year Since Loss, Maria’s Message Continues To Reach Teens


It was one year ago that 10TV’s Dom Tiberi lost his daughter in a crash on I-270.

She was just 21 years old, and police speculate that she was distracted by something while behind the wheel.

Over the past year, Dom and his family have made it their mission to put an end to distracted driving.

Central Ohio grieved alongside the Tiberi family in the days after Maria's young life was lost.

She was an Ohio State student, and the entire Buckeye team took a moment to comfort Dom in the days following his loss. The video of their hugs made national headlines.


In the days, weeks and months that followed - Dom and his family launched a community initiative to end distracted driving.  

“This isn’t about me or my family, it’s about Maria and all the victims who have lost their lives,” said Dom.

Dom began spreading Maria’s Message. He visited Central Ohio high schools and spoke to students about the dangers of distracted driving.

While it was difficult to talk about what happened to Maria, Dom made it his mission to educate young drivers. He’s taken the message to the airwaves, to high schools and festivals, and the Ohio Statehouse.

“I said this in the beginning. I want to be an advocate. I don't want others to lose their children.”


The community responded as Dom told his story.  Ohio lawmakers designated September as Safe Driving Awareness Month.

Maria’s Message pledge reads: I pledge to keep my hands on the wheel, keep my eyes on the road, and keep my mind on my driving. If I keep my hands, eyes, and mind where they should be, I can keep myself safe and keep Maria’s Message alive.

To date, more than 10,000 people across Central Ohio have signed the pledge. Dom says his work is only just beginning. The Tiberi family will continue to work to keep Maria’s memory alive and kids safe on the road.

“If it can happen to me, it can happen to your family…”