Tiberi family honors daughter with 100th Maria's Message presentation

Dom delivers 100th Maria's Message school presentation
Dom Tiberi speaks at 100th Maria's Message event
Dom Tiberi discusses 100th Maria's Message event

Dom Tiberi started his quest with a simple message -- don't drive distracted. It's what claimed the life of his daughter Maria.

Today, Dom, his entire family and 10TV honored Maria with the 100th presentation of that message when they went back to where it all started, Dublin Coffman High School.

Maria's Message has been delivered to schools throughout Ohio and Dom has led the charge in teaching high school students -- some just about to get their license -- what an important responsibility driving is.

On September 17, 2013, Dom's daughter Maria became distracted while driving just a few minutes from her home and hit the rear of a semi-truck at 53 miles per hour.

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