Three resignations in a month for inappropriate behavior rock Statehouse


One minute before midnight Tuesday, State Representative Wes Goodman (R-Cardington) offered his resignation letter.

A letter that ends his political career after a year in office.

Senate minority leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) who accepted the resignation of Senate Democrat Chief of Staff Michael Premo on Tuesday over similar allegations, called the resignation disappointing.

"It's a problem that starts in Washington goes all over 50 states. We're not exempt from it either," he said.

10TV has learned the allegations of inappropriate conduct involving Representative Goodman happened inside his Riffe Center office. But no one at the Statehouse is saying what the inappropriate conduct was.

We know it did not involve a member of his staff or member of the legislature.

When it was discovered, and by whom, has not been made public. No complaint was filed.

His colleagues say his resignation was the right thing to do, but don't believe it's a trend.

"In my opinion being here in 23 years I don't see a systemic problem here in the legislature," State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) said.

Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina), who has called for annual sexual harassment training for all lawmakers, says he's not ready to tell legislators how to conduct business in or outside their offices.

"I'm not going to get into the practice of telling people who they should have in their car or whether their door should be open or not. I think we all know what behavior is appropriate and what behavior isn't and if somebody is engaging in inappropriate behavior you won't be here very long," he said.

Goodman's face on his legislative webpage has been scrubbed and no longer exists.

Meanwhile in Goodman's hometown of Cardington, a tiny village in Morrow County, those who knew him before he was a lawmaker say they are shocked by the news.

"He was the kind of kid you know was going to big places. He was always super smart. Just super shocked just never in a million years," said Michelle Yake who works at SUZ-E-Q's restaurant.

10TV attempted to reach Representative Goodman by phone and at his listed address but could not reach him.

The Ohio House will create a panel to find someone from Goodman's district to fill his seat.