Three In Custody Following Teen’s Shooting Death In West Columbus


Columbus Police say a teen, his mother and another teen are in custody after a 14-year-old Columbus girl was innocently gunned down late Monday night.

The mother is accused of harboring her teen while police were searching for him, while a third teen is being questioned in relation to the shooting.

This comes after a gunman opened fire at a group of people standing in front of a west Columbus home on Dana Avenue. Someone fired several shots at them from across the street.

Neighbors called 911.

“Three or four shots just went off. Everyone’s running, screaming!”

“Someone on Dana just got shot – a little… a kid, a girl. Somebody just got shot on Dana. I need a squad!”

14-year-old Amanda Kirwin was struck by two bullets and was found lying in the road when medics arrived.


A neighbor tried to help Kirwin at the scene.

“All she kept saying is ‘I can’t breathe,’” said Sheila Aldridge.

Police say they found three bullet casings in a lot close to where Kirwin was shot. Two of the rounds struck the teen while a third hit a brick pillar.

Police don't believe Kirwin was the intended target of the shooter and are still searching for a motive.

Friends of Kirwin say the teen didn’t deserve to die.

“I just hope, whoever did it … they get what they deserve,” grieves Chelsea Hook, a friend of Amanda.

She says she doesn't want to remember her friend for how she was taken from her life, but rather how Kirwin lived her life.

“She was outgoing (and) funny. She always knew how to keep a smile on her face.”

Tearful neighbors raked away debris and weeds on Tuesday, replacing the ugliness with flowers, teddy bears, and candles.

Now, those same neighbors along Dana Avenue say the murder of a young girl on their street has left everyone upset and afraid.