Thousands Protest At Statehouse Against Fracking


Thousands from around the state traveled to downtown Columbus on Sunday to send Gov. John Kasich a message about fracking.

Fracking is the name given to the process of injecting water and chemicals into rock to help extract natural gas, 10TV’s Kevin Landers reported.

Some said that they want fracking to stop because of the environmental implications of the process, but other said that the environmental concerns are unfounded.

“I’m here to see if we can get fracking, if not slowed down, stopped here in Ohio, because I’m really worried about the environment,” said Kathi Scali of Athens.

John Pais of Huron said that he agreed.

“The long term impacts on our environment are going to be devastating,” Pais said.

Members of Don’t Frack Ohio marched from Arch Park to the Ohio Statehouse steps.

Pro-fracking groups said that fracking is a safe way to generate natural energy and money for the state, Landers reported.

Dan Alfaro of Energy In Depth said that fracking opponents were misinformed about the dangers of fracking.

“These are safe, responsible methods used to extract energy,” Alfaro said. “There have been two studies released in the last two months that clearly state that earthquakes have no tie to hydraulic fracturing as a process. We haven’t had a single case of water contamination.”

Alfaro said that a popular image of a Colorado man lighting the water from his faucet on fire has nothing to do with fracking.

“What he had done was drilled his water well into a cole seam, an underground smouldering coal fire, which contained this biogenetic methane, which allowed him to set this water on fire,” Alfaro said.

Fracking opponents said that they would continue to push Ohio lawmakers to follow Vermont’s lead and ban fracking statewide.

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