Thousands of home owners opt to pre-pay real estate taxes


DELAWARE, Ohio -- Thursday, thousands of Central Ohio real estate owners headed to their local county treasurer's office to pre-pay their homeowners taxes.

"Save a little money and just have it out of the way and done," said Ann Istvan, when asked why she and her husband were paying early.

Istvan was one of dozens who filled the treasurer's office lobby Thursday morning.

"There is no line normally this time of year. And that's the gospel truth," said Jon Peterson, Delaware County Treasurer.

Peterson says when President Trump announced the federal tax reform, he prepared his staff for an influx of taxpayers.

"Our general understanding is that the tax deduction for property taxes will be limited next year to an amount for many tax payers is lower than the total amount they pay ," said Peterson.

Delaware County saw a continuous flow of people wanting to pre-pay their 2016 real estate tax.

"We're pleased," said Istvan. "I think it's about time that it got done and I'm looking for good things to happen."

Franklin County also processed an influx of payments.

About 800 people were served at their window Thursday. About 1600 were served online.

The Franklin County treasurer's office took 891 calls on Wednesday and expected to take more on Thursday.

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