Thousands Attend 2014 10TV Health And Fitness Expo


The big attraction at this year's expo was Bret Michaels of rock and roll fame, and reality TV. A massive crowd came to the expo to hear his story about living with Type 1 diabetes.

Michaels said he was first diagnosed at 6 years old.

"My blood sugar level was over a thousand," Michaels recalled of his initial diagnosis.

He credited his parents for understanding the disease and uses that knowledge to help others

"Most important, don't let it stress you out. If you have a bad day and you go from a 44 to a 344. It's going to happen, you've got to learn how to balance it and don't mentally freak out about it," he said.

The expo's free health screenings drew long lines as people were eager to learn their health scores.

"I'd like to know my cholesterol. I'd like to know about my blood pressure of course", said Dennis O'Brien of Grove City.

Immediate medical help was also available.

"He hadn't tested his blood sugar in a long time, he was doing so because he couldn't afford to see a doctor. He had no health insurance so him being aware of how high and dangerous his blood sugar was I was able to refer him to a physician's free clinic," said Anthony Russo, Pharmacist Intern at Giant Eagle.

Seniors also learned about the importance of flu shots.

"As we get older our immune system gets weaker and so we come become more vulnerable to the flu," said Vanessa Sink from the National Council on Aging.

A cause close to the 10tv family is Maria's Message which is trying to stamp out distracted driving.

A driving simulator allowed people to see just how dangerous texting and driving can be.

"To see the kids that come out here and the moms and dads, they're going to set a better example, really touches my heart," said 10TV Sports Anchor Dom Tiberi.

The expo wasn't just for adults. Children in attendance learned about bike safety.

Bret Michaels surprised one little girl and her mom after his show.

The mother wanted to know how she could help her daughter deal with diabetes.

Michaels obliged by offering them a free trip to his diabetes camp.