Those weird lights you're seeing in the sky? They're probably satellites

(Credit: Brandon Savage)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — If you saw some weird lights in the sky earlier this evening, you’re not alone.

10TV has received a number of reports of a line of bright lights in the western sky at around 8:00 or 8:15 Thursday night.

While Doppler 10 Meteorologist Jeff Booth says that he didn’t see them, so he can’t speak with 100% certainty, they sound like they’re SpaceX satellites.

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Multiple batches of Starlink satellites have been launched since May of last year. The purpose of them is to provide high-speed internet cheaply.

Reports of satellite “trains” or lines of bright lights have been reported since the beginning of the launches.

Astronomers, both professional and hobbyists, say they have made it tougher for image sights in the night sky.