Things parents should do at home to help fight classroom germs

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COLUMBUS - Kids across central Ohio are getting back into the swing of things in the classroom. But the return to the classroom can also mean an increase in opportunity to spread germs.

Columbus Health Commissioner Doctor Mysheika Roberts says parents should be on guard at the first signs of a runny nose, fever or a sore throat.

"Sometimes we see a spike in pertussis around this time of year, which is whooping cough," Dr. Roberts explained. "But the important thing to remember is yes- its back to school time. They've got their backpacks and new clothes, but if they have a fever, if they have diarrhea, if they're sick at all keep them home."

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Dr. Roberts recommends one of the first things parents can do at home is to make sure your kids have a well-thought-out and balanced breakfast.

"Food is energy and they need that energy to get through the day and learn," said Dr. Roberts.

Dr. Roberts also recommends families bump up that bedtime to ensure a little extra rest for students. Another way she recommends local families can stay healthy is to dedicate at least 60 minutes every day to physical activity and play.

"I mean physical play. Not in front of a monitor, not holding a hand-held device. Moving their arms and legs outdoors. Real play that we all remember from when we were growing up."

However, the most important thing parents can do and teach their kids to do is to wash your hands regularly.