Tennessee woman asks for 100 birthday cards for mom's 100th birthday

Photo by: Lisa Garner York

PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (TEGNA) — A Middle Tennessee woman is hoping to brighten up her mother's 100th birthday this year with a special gift: 100 birthday cards.

Lisa Garner York took to Facebook on Thursday to ask her friends, family and anyone else who was interested to send her mom, Inez Garner, a birthday card to help her feel a little less lonely as she celebrates the milestone year.

Garner will turn 100 on Sept. 16, 2019, but they're going to celebrate a bit early with a party on Sept. 14. York said she hopes the cards can serve as a special gift at the party.

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But she's not sure she'll be able to gather 100 by the deadline.

"When you reach this age, your friends are gone and most of your family is gone, so this is a difficult task," York wrote in the post.

Another added challenge in Garner's daily life is limited mobility, York told 10News over Facebook Messenger on Tuesday. Although she lives with her daughter, it is hard for Garner to get out to see others.

"It is difficult for her to get around, so she gets out very little," York said. "Other than myself and her caregiver, she has limited interaction with other people."

There won't be many people to attend Garner's party, York explained. That's why she thought the gift of the cards from all over could help her mom feel a little special on her big day and give her something to look forward to.

"When planning her 100th birthday party, I realized how few people there are left in her life," York told 10News.

That's why she turned to Facebook. In her post, she asked if those who saw it could send a card and share the post with their friends as well.

As of Tuesday, Aug. 27, the post had 32 shares, 42 reactions and 21 comments. Even if all of those translated into cards, it's not quite 100, at least not yet.

Want to send a card to Garner and help York give her a special surprise?

You can mail them to:

Lisa Garner York
7115 HWY 41A
Pleasant View TN 37146