Teens Accused Of Dragging Pastor Who Tried To Stop Their Car


Two teenagers are being accused of running over a local pastor who was trying to stop them from doing donuts in their car.

The Columbus Dispatch obtained video of the incident that was recorded inside the teens’ car on a dashcam. The camera had been installed by the driver’s father.

Rev. James Klima of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish warned the teens that he would call their parents. He was trying to stop the vehicle when he was apparently dragged.

Klima injured his shoulder in the incident.

One of the teens is heard claiming that the pastor is faking his injuries.

Investigators tracked down the vehicle at a school, and the driver’s father handed over the video of the incident.

Now, 17-year-old Micah Hausmann and 15-year-old Elizabeth Stamm are in trouble.

Police decided it was enough evidence to file juvenile charges.

Donald Gierhart, product specialist with Columbus Car Audio and Accessories, says since his store started selling similar cameras, he has received a lot of calls from parents.

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He says some parents have told him, it's worth it for peace of mind.