Teen Banned From Homecoming Dance Due To Hair Color


A teenager will not be allowed to attend homecoming with a friend because she has pink hair.

"I've done it for seven years straight and I don't want to break that just because they don't allow it," said Bonni Hess, 15.

Tri Valley High School says Hess' pink hair is against their school policy. Hess is homeschooled and does not attend Tri Valley.

Hess won't get rid of her pink hair for a reason.

"To support breast cancer. From October first, I do it to the last day of the month," Hess said.

As Hess' mom leafs through family albums, the reason is apparent. Nine women on her father's side have battled breast cancer and died. Her grandmother's fight is especially upsetting. Hess feels so strongly about the cause, she has two ribbon tattoos and sports pink head to toe.

"I physically can't do nothing about it, but emotionally I can hopefully boost their spirits up," said Hess.

Tri Valley's policy says only natural hair colors are allowed.

The principal says the school is very supportive of breast cancer causes, but he also says rules are rules and anyone who attends an event at the school needs to follow them.

"It's kind of a double standard," Hess said.

She and her friend, Cheyenne Pariseau insist a few other students are breaking the rule right now.

"I think it's ridiculous actually because there are a lot of people that have colored hair and it's only two hours and she doesn't even go to the school," said Pariseau.

The principal says those students have been told to get rid of the colors. He says Hess is welcome at the dance if she changes the hair. Hess wants to stand up for her cause, but wants to do what other teens do also.

"Because I've never been to a prom or a homecoming because I'm home schooled," said Hess.   

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