Team rides in Pelotonia for 10th year raising money for cancer research


COLUMBUS - Pelotonia has helped to raise $170 million for cancer research. This weekend the annual bike ride celebrates 10 years.

People ride their bikes up to 200 miles, all while raising money.

There are more than eight thousand riders this year. So far, they've raised $13.5 million.

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They'll take off from the starting line at McFerson Commons and North Bank Park in the Arena District on Saturday. Participants will bike anywhere from 25 to 200 miles.

"I didn't have a bike. I didn't have a helmet; I didn't have gloves; I didn't have shorts; I had never ridden on a bike... It was very new to me but for such a great cause and I really wanted to get involved," Debbie Penzone says, with Team Penzone.

For Debbie Penzone and her Pelotonia team, it didn't take much convincing to buy the gear and start pedaling.

Each one of them has been closely impacted by cancer.

"Way back ten years ago my dad had cancer, and the James helped saved him three times. He was at the James Cancer Hospital," Penzone says.

Which is why every year for the past 10 years, they ride in Pelotonia.

Logging hundreds of miles on their bikes all to raise money for cancer research.

"The very first one, when Lance Armstrong was here, was just so powerful, to have him here and actually riding in the race that day. We got these jerseys with his autograph on them, and that meant so much back have him come to little Columbus, Ohio," Penzone remembers the 2009 ride.

Now in 2018, the number of people participating and their supporters keep growing.

"I think that's the most meaningful to me...Our entire community gets involved, even if they don't ride and they're not a virtual rider, they can donate, and then they can get out and cheer us on," says Penzone

Cheering on those who truly believe, one day cancer will be a thing of the past.

"I do believe in their tagline: one goal: end cancer, and I believe we will do that, with all the funds we've raised," she says.