Teacher, aide resign amid investigation of dragging 7-year-old student through school


A teacher and teacher's aide resigned Thursday amid an investigation into a video showing the staff members dragging a student with autism in the school, according to the superintendent.

The Crestline instructors hauled 7-year-old Corbin Kemle to a school office May 8.

Corbin has autism. His mother, Bonnie McKean says that he requires a calm, measured response, even in his bad moments.

"We have to keep ourselves calm. The calmer we are, the quicker it will end. And then once he calms down you can completely reason with him."

Corbin's teacher and teacher's aide are trained in de-escalation techniques specific to him. But that's not what Bonnie saw in school security video from May 8th.

According to school records, the teacher's aide said Corbin was misbehaving on the playground. When she tried to correct him, she says he began hitting, kicking and trying to bite.

She and a teacher decided to take him to the office, which is when school cameras picked up their interaction with Corbin.

The video shows Corbin defying his teacher and aide, and dropping himself to the floor. They pick him up by his arms and ankles, and then his teacher drags him by the foot.

Crestline Schools Superintendent Noreen Mullens says she was also shocked and put the teacher and aide on immediate paid leave.

Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall told 10TV he looked into the case but decided it didn't meet the bar for felony charges.


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